Losing Sponsors #1
306.25 $
Posted on 9:36 am 01/09/2017
We are a NEW PTC struggling to keep afloat. we do not have the sponsorship of getting paid just for views .We rely on members actively joining, signing up or purchasing our products to survive. We tried to show you we are genuine in our endeavor yet false members are trying to take advantage of us by providing false clicks and signups. THIS IS A NO NO!

Now we are forced to change rules yet again because of this action. We showed a plan that could make income but you are more intent of getting paid for doing nothing and expect us to continue to pay you.

We created a plan that works but yet you will join FALSE PTCS that do not even pay out. We showed doing the right thing allows members to be paid accordingly.

If you used our sponsors and signed up you would not pay a thing out of pocket yet you ignore all I ask of you.

This is a genuine website and if you just took a chance you would see an income could be built. YES it takes time but that is how Business operates.

When you become serious then we will build this further until then it will have to be limited.

We will go back to old school and start again but the question is can you graduate?

The only way to make something work is to stick by it and believe in it and the rest will follow.
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