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The Power of advertising is ready to explode! #1
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Posted on 1:34 am 08/19/2017
Hello this is Steve here welcoming and thanking you to put trust in my business and am excited to work with you all in getting this going. Remember it is a TEAM effort and we all have to work together and do what is necessary to make this work and PROFIT together!
Hi all members that have come in here. You have been picked for a special idea that works as a special group and team to help each other. The PTC site shares everything it makes with you as you are the lifeline to our Business. We will be getting paid advertisers wanting to advertise through us but they require clicks and opt ins. This is where you come in as a team together and click and opt in on the offers we get paid for. All the money that is earned goes in a pool for all to be paid out when the pool gets bigger.Think of it as a share plan that is run by a select amount of group workers working together.
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The only way to make something work is to stick by it and believe in it and the rest will follow.
Re: The Power of advertising is ready to explode! #2
Posted on 1:24 pm 08/21/2017
HI steve
great idea
I for one will be in for this and i hope that many more will join
thank you

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