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    Your Avon
    Your Avon

    how it works

    What is PaidTo Click?

    PaidTo Click, is an exciting opportunity that brings advertisers and consumers together. Advertisers can bid on links and post banners for members to review. Members then receive a rate per click rate that is predetermined by the advertiser. After a member clicks on that link and views the site for the advertiser determined amount of time, the member is credited that click amount.

    getting paid

    how do i make cash?

    As you look at ads and offers you get paid for doing so. Anybody you refer you earn cash.Any of your referrals earn you earn.

    how do i cash out?

    In order to not have so many payouts we require at least a $10 minimum balance in your account before a cash out is allowed.

    general questions asked

    Am I allowed to have more than one account?

    We only allow one advertiser and one member account per person. You may have more than one account per household, however using the same IP will cause problems with our anti-cheating system.

    Do you allow International users?

    Yes, we accept users and advertisers whose countries who are qualified to use PayPal.

    Can I cancel my account?

    Yes, please send a request to support if you wish to cancel your account. You must include your PayPal email address so we can verify your identity. Funds over $25 will be deposited to your PayPal account. Funds under the payout rate of $25 are non payable.

    Building a downline

    Can i make money with my downline?

    Most definitely and the higher you upgrade the more you make.
    We recommend that you upgrade with your earnings to make better income. When you refer then get them to join the paid memberships so you can get paid more.


    What advertising programs do you offer?

    We offer several types of advertising programs. Pay-Per-Click and Pay-Per-Click Banners.Clixgrid where they earn cash and paid to read. You determine what you wish to pay the members.

    Still having trouble? Contact us here.
    Your Avon
    Your Avon

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