DO NOT CLICK THE FRAUD AD August 20th, 2017

The ad was put in place for a reason, it is to stop automatic clicking robots from clicking our ads. When it is clicked 5 times it automatically suspends the users accoiunt and cannot tell who the clicker is, it just suspects fraud on that ad because there was a warning put on it,

Attention you must read this June 21st, 2017

Please note as a member you are being paid to refer others, either by direct referral or by promoting your link also.

This will accumulate cash fast in your account but in order for this to work requires you and your Downline of at least 2 to become a Bronze member to be paid out.

We will use your earnings to upgrade you to next level but any earnings above that will be sent to you.

You can only receive commission if you paid for membership through funds not account earnings.

the reason we do this is to make sure serious members are working the system right.

If you do not wish to upgrade then the referral earnings will be forfeited but the PTC earnings will be able to be used for advertising and promotional funds.

Please read this carefully to understand how this works.

Thanks from Admin

TRAINING VIDEOS April 21st, 2017
We are introducing training videos to teach you how to get best out of the sitern1 logging in and registering and promotionrn
PAYPAL UPDATE November 02nd, 2016
This has happened to many sites and their policy has caused a big upset of other sites as well.rnPayza and STP are still available so join them through us if you have not already
Payments September 20th, 2016
if you are building downline for the $1 and they have not qualified for doing the offer then your payments will be frozen until each referral qualifies.
Referrals September 14th, 2016
Please note if you have had someone join under you you received $1.00 for it but if that member does not do anything then it is a dead member. We will be forced to take back the cash you earned per each member that is idle. So get them moving and uprading at least to Bronze to stay in system.
NEW PAYMENT PLAN September 12th, 2016
Please note now that we have hit rn300 members any cash earned is now going back into advertising. To upgrade will require funds not from Balance. In order for this system to work we must have cash flow and at the moment we are putting more in than getting out. Advertisers are not buying in store so we need our FREE offers to be done in order to pay out. Please help us to help you and feel free to email us at support.
Getting paid September 07th, 2016
ATTENTION before you now are paid out you will be required to do an offer to qualify once it is approved you will be sent your payment
Payment processors August 31st, 2016
Please make sure you click the right payment processor. If it is Paypal it will go through payment as Paypal. Payza or stp the same. We are not mind readers and if you click the wrong payment and it goes there you need to check your records.
Buy Referrals and Downline info August 29th, 2016
If you are having a hard time recruiting referrals you can buy them when available They are 1.00 each but you can purchase also with your account funds.If you can convert them to a paid member that 1.00 you invested will grow when they purchase a paid membership. Contact them via their username and you can contact them personally in back office in message area. Also do this with your downline you already have to let them know you are their sponsor. get them moving and it will benefit you.
Payments August 27th, 2016
If you are building a downline you are earning cash. You move to the next level of bronze in order to be paid out. get your downline to do same thing. If you are Silver or Gold member then you can still get your team to move to Bronze. Unless the downline is using the system you will only be able to use the earnings for your monthly payment.This is how the system worked and was explained in video and terms. Please read to understand more. Read term Disclaimer of earnings.
ABOUT ADVERTISING August 26th, 2016
Please do not advertise any other PTC sites they will be removed due to conflict of interest. Think of it this way you have a popular site and someone advertises something that takes views away from you how would you feel?
READ THIS CAREFULLY August 26th, 2016
Hey, guys great to see new members joining. Ok, we want you to pay attention and read this. As you know there are donation programs going right now promising to make thousands. From what I hear is they do not pay out till you hit a threshold in the thousands. Anyway, listen closely this works! For $50 a month you join us. We will force feed two people under you if they join the plan. That means for your $50 investment you are making 40% on your investment per month.We pay back 75% for each person you get to join at this level. So for an investment of $50 you are receiving $35 back each month. Why join something that you cannot be assured of when you can join our plan? Remember being an internet marketer and achieving success requires an investment. We spend Hundreds a month to keep this going ourselves so we invest in ourselves also. Take a chance with us and if it is not legitimate in what we offer to get your money back no questions asked! As long as you get others to follow you will make a lucrative income with us. Thanks for reading. Steve owner and admin Here is my personal phone number to call me 1-717 507 2499 I am serious to make this work so trust us and it will GUARANTEED!
IMPORTANT MUST READ August 25th, 2016
OK if you are bringing in referrals and The emails bounce they must be valid email addresses. You will lose the $1.00 earned if they cannot be verified. This is to stop multiple sign ups and fraudulent sign ups.
Working the Plan August 21st, 2016
Anything that is purchased here as cash will go directly back into the payment pool.We intend to be the best value around for our members and need you to help us ! All we need from you is to join the FREE offers and show others to do same thing.. This is a cash generated system
How to promote Greener Dayz PTC August 21st, 2016
NEW BANNERS AND SPLASH PAGES COMBINED so more promotional tools to come
How we get paid July 15th, 2016
We rely on sponsorship and sales to be able to keep this going so you will be receiving notices to what programs to join so there can be a sustaining cash flow to be able to pay out members.Please look at top of page to see text ads or banners if you see a FREE offer then please join it.
GOLD UPGRADE June 13th, 2016
This is where the money is made with this level. 75% commission and spill over of 25% rWe are going to get BIG are you going to join us? remember you must spend money to make money.. we spend Hundreds to make this work to support you!

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