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    Disclaimer to Earnings

    PLEASE NOTE! We do not guarantee to claim you will make a lot of cash with our system. As with all things in this type of Business will determine your earnings by staying with the system plan first and utmost.If you cannot build a down-line under you and train them to do as you did there will be a break down of the system because you have not continued on the due process.In order to be paid out requires a monthly Bronze level. If you have the funds on request of payout you will automatically be upgraded to Bronze.Any cash earned over the $10 level will be paid back to you after Bronze level has been met. We ask you to upgrade levels with your cash earned up to the point of GOLD membership where you must pay cash to keep in system. If you also get your down-line to upgrade as well then you could make a substantial income generated on their monthly fee. Remember in order to receive monthly payments they must continue to stay in each month also.

    How we create a cash flow.

    In order for our site to continue is a reliance on paid offers or sponsors advertised on our site. We will be asking you to join and sign up on offers so the system can continue to be able to produce cash flow to keep this program going.Remember in order for us to continue our offers must also be clicked on and joined to inject back into the site for your benefit..You get paid by this cash flow and we reserve the right to refuse any payment if you are just trying to build a downline and not work the system the way it was intended to be used.

    Using the site

    This is agreement arcticle between Dcssales, The Company who provides greener-dayz programs.We do not guarantee a substantial income from using this program.All income is determined by a referral system based on upgrades and purchases made through the system. As long as you stay active then you will make income. Remember it is a 5 level downline this means you could make substantial income with us if you upgrade your downline to the required level... The way to keep this going is to have revenue coming in so any paid to click offer makes you income by signing up plus it does for us. You agree to the 10% to 15% plus merchant itself Bank withdrawal fee when cashing out to cover merchant and processing fees. You must click at least 20 times each period for a payout, also the minimum withdrawal amount is $10.00 Once any upgrade or purchase is made it is non-refundable but the system is NOT charging you recurring monthly fees as you pick which plan suits you anywhere from months to year. Any illegal activity or fraud will result in immediate termination of membership,plus all income earned will be forfeited. Dcssales is not responsible for problems faced using this program.Any issues relating to payments and errors caused by the database is not avoidable as sometimes scripts get corrupted from time to time.We will try to rectify any problem and as soon as it is resolved an email will be sent to all members.If the problem still exists the database will be suspended and site maintenance will be required to fix the problem.

    Building Downline

    This system requires a working downline with at least Bronze status under you to be paid out.That means anybody who upgrades to Bronze you will receive $5 per month as they stay active in system .It will be paid out from your earnings in account.If you are not a Bronze member and you have enough in your earnings it will be automatically traded from your account when you request payout through system. Any extra income will be cashed out to you. If you are building a downline that is not personal, in other words you do not know them and are just sending out link to get referrals to join at $1. The rules are that they must be actively joining at the Bronze level for you to be paid out. They have to be verified and if any emails bounce back the $1 given will be reversed. We have had too many problems with referrals that are dead meaning not active and members getting paid. This whole system relies on you teaching your downline to upgrade so you benefit from them.Once we see the member active then you will be paid accordingly to their earnings and the reward joining payment.

    You must Complete an offer for payout.

    Now that we are growing paying out without any offers completed is causing a lack of cash flow, So now in order to be paid out you are required to complete offers to keep cash flow going. This is how the system works and if you wish to opt out then contact support with word QUIT!