Can I redeem Credits to Cash?

The answer to that is YES but only if you are an upgraded Member of Paid Status and it will be less the credits that you received as Bonus upon Joining and Administrative FEES.The credits that you have accumulated will be used to pay for your commission when you get your downline to purchase any paid membership and will be redeemed upon of the same amount as the membership fee.. The Conversion rate per credit is $1 per 10,000 Credits earned. that works out to every 100 credits you are paid 1 cent cash The formula is divide your credits by 10,000 to get cash value

Now that We have started to redeem Credits to cash All Emerald members please note that the original credits that you were receiving as sign up bonuses,Monthly upgrades and Referral credits were changed to a lower level because you are now earning cash when you surf instead.. remember it is the credits from surfing that can be redeemed not the original referral,monthly bonus or join Bonus. You now are receiving Cash bonuses also when you surf as well and are adding up to a large amount per day.. In order for you to build your downline you also need to get paid memberships and you will receive 100% commission on there joining FEE. The rule is for every amount of cash that you are earning the amount will be redeemed per active paid membership to same value. Signup Bonus 1000 Referral 1000 Monthly upgrade 10,000

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May 24, 2018
01:38 PM
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