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Hello there my name is Steve Donohoe I am 54 yrs young and am originally from Australia. Have lived in USA for 15 years now and been married for 16.

Have dabbled off and on in Internet Marketing and opened my Business in 2002.

Been scammed plenty of times as they like to get the average joes we must have SUCKER tattooed on our foreheads or something right?

LOL Anyway gotta chuckle otherwise stress can kill you!

Declared bankruptcy in 2009 because of a Bad Business deal that was a con but not here to give you a sob story ok, we learn from our mistakes and move on.

We are in the process of a short sale on the house because of the difficulties surrounding the last few years..

Sound like you? we all have hurdles to overcome but we fall off the horse many times but the key is to get back on and become a bit more wary!

Anyway I decided to start my own Traffic Exchange and help average Joes like myself show that we are not all scammers..

I talk with my members direct and work 100% with you in what you require.My reputation needs to gain trust just like any venture and am here to gain that from you...

I dont hide away in the shadows like a lot of admins and expect you to learn the hard way yourself.

We will talk over the phone, if not me your sponsor who I handpick to help you with your Business and Traffic needs...

Thankyou for joining us and we hope it will be a partnership for the future and share the profits together.

God Bless Matthew 7:7

Steve Donohoe Owner and Director of


September 19, 2019
10:06 PM
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